Five Home Improvements To Make Before You Sell

When looking to sell our homes, we all want to get the best return that we possibly can. To do this, there’s a few home improvements that you might want to make before you list your home for sale on the market!

While it might seem a little counterproductive to spend money on a home that you have no intention of continuing to live in, this can actually be the best way to ensure that you maximise the market value of your home and therefore the money you make back – and it can mean your home finds a buyer a little quicker, too.

If you’re looking to prepare your home for sale, here are the five most in-demand home improvements you can make that will have the biggest impact on your home’s market value.

Adding A Driveway

These days, the prospect of having to park out on the street can certainly put buyers off from buying a particular home.

If your current home doesn’t have a driveway, but has the front yard space to create one, adding a driveway will add instant resale value to the house – according to Virgin Money, it could add up to a further 10% on to your prospective resale price!

Driveways are also a fairly low-cost home improvement to make, so you’ll almost certainly see yourself turning a profit once your home has been sold. If you have the capacity to add a driveway to the front of your property, this is definitely one opportunity to add value to your home that you don’t want to miss out on.

Loft Conversions

If your home has a loft that you’re using purely for storage space, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to add value to your home.

One of the most impactful ways to add thousands of pounds worth of value to your property is to take it from a two-bed to a three-bed, or a three-bed to a four-bed – if you have a loft, converting it into an extra bedroom before you put it on the market is absolutely the best idea.

Loft conversions are increasingly popular. If you have a loft in your property, chances are that your prospective buyers will look to convert it eventually – why not carry out that work yourself and reap the rewards through your home’s resale value?

We have a post right here on our blog (Should I Convert My Loft Into A Bedroom?) that could help you make this decision for yourself, so make sure you check this out too!

Improving Your Garden

Even just having a garden on your property to begin with will improve the resale value of your home, so why not make sure it looks its absolute best before you sell?

You’ll find you achieve a quicker and more valuable sale if your home comes with an attractive garden space, so you should certainly look into making some improvements to your garden to get it ready for the housing market.

One of the best ways to go about this is by having a patio area installed. Having a high-quality decked patio area will make it much easier for prospective buyers to picture themselves relaxing outside in the summer months!

Don’t forget to also ensure that the other aspects of your garden are up to scratch, too. Doing some gardening, cutting your grass and repainting your garden fence are all fairly quick and cost-effective ways to improve your garden space.

Gardens are in high demand on the market, so why not give your garden the real ‘WOW’ factor before showing it to potential buyers?

Add An Extension

This is by far one of the most impactful ways to add value to your home in 2020!

By adding an extension to your home, you provide prospective buyers with a whole new space to work with if they purchase your home. Extensions can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as adding an extra living or dining space, a utility room or adding more space to your kitchen area, so the versatility of this extension will be an attractive thing to potential buyers. Giving them this extra space could add thousands of pounds of value to your home!

If adding an extension seems like a little too much hassle, why not consider adding a conservatory instead? Conservatories can often be installed without planning permission and at a fairly low cost, so this can be a hugely beneficial way of adding value to your home ahead of resale.

Double-Glazed Doors & Windows

If the windows and glass doors in your home aren’t double-glazed, you should definitely look into having them improved before selling your home.

Double-glazing will reduce heating bills, maximise home security and will instantly make your home more energy-efficient (a very attractive feature for environmentally-conscious buyers in 2020), so this is definitely an effective way to improve your home before selling. In fact, double-glazing is a feature of the majority of homes on the market now, so not having double-glazed windows and doors may actively put buyers off!

Double-glazing is a fairly low-cost home improvement, yet the benefits you’ll see from this service when selling your home are clear.

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