Five Kitchen Trends For Summer 2021

There are few things that can transform how you feel about your home more than a new kitchen.


If you’re looking to update your space, the kitchen is an excellent place to start. These days, there are so many different amenities and features that can be included in a kitchen redesign and plenty of decisions to be made that will impact how your kitchen looks once your remodel is complete.


Kitchen trends are ever-changing so it’s good to get up to date with what’s on trend before you head into your kitchen makeover process.


With that in mind, here are five kitchen design trends for summer 2021.


Instant Boiling Water


The kettle is a common object found within the majority of kitchens within the UK, though that does look to be changing.


These days, there are a wide range of taps on the market which allow homeowners access to instant boiling water, reducing the need for kettles or boiling water on the hob. It may only save you minutes of your time, but those minutes mount up – and who doesn’t like to have exactly what they want exactly when they want it?


If you’re planning to switch out your sinks and taps as part of your kitchen makeover, this is one update that we would certainly recommend.


Smart Storage Solutions


Kitchens are an area that can often seem cluttered or messy, given the amount of countertop appliances that the average person owns these days – blenders, coffee machines, kettles, toasters and grills all take up extra space on the counters, of course.


They say ‘out of sight, out of mind’, so a good kitchen makeover in 2021 should definitely prioritise the inclusion of smart storage solutions, allowing you to keep your kitchen tidy and make the most of your space. This means including more cupboards, more drawers and dedicated spaces for items that the majority of kitchens will include, such as including a dedicated space for your kitchen bin.


Storage solutions these days come in all different shapes, sizes and types, so it’s well worth shopping around for the storage solutions that best fit in with your dream kitchen.


Social Hubs


In 2021, it’s never been more important to make the most of your time with friends and family!


Some areas of the home are less commonly known for their ability to be a great social hub when you have visitors round, with catch ups usually taking place in living rooms or gardens. However, by including a breakfast bar or kitchen island, you allow space for your kitchen to be a gathering place for friends and family too, as well eliminating the need for an extra dining table and chair set.


Breakfast bars and kitchen islands are also practical additions to your kitchen in the sense that they allow for more storage space and counter space for preparing food.


Bold Colours & Accents


Gone are the days where kitchens were commonly decorated in muted colours – in 2021, it’s all about going bold.


Darker colours, such as slate grey, deep blue and forest green are coming into fashion in a big way when it comes to kitchen décor. There are also a much wider range of options available when it comes to the look of taps, stoves and countertop materials, allowing you to take your kitchen redesign as bold as you like.


If you’re looking to have your kitchen updated in 2021, you can now get as creative as you would when redesigning any other area of the home – and you should!


Creative Lighting


Spotlights have been the most common lighting choice for kitchens for a while now, but there are plenty of other options available, too.


Lighting can be used to great effect to change the atmosphere of an area of your home and the kitchen is no different. It’s always worth taking a look around and feeling out what sort of lighting could tie your kitchen together, keeping in mind different styles of lighting – both built-in and added separately – and what colour of lighting you’d like. Many lighting solutions now can be dimmed and brightened according to whatever you’d like at the time, too.


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