Five Ways To Transform Your Home

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There comes a time when every homeowner feels as though their current property is getting a little tired and that it may be time for something new.


Whilst it might feel as though this is a sure sign that it’s time to sell up and look for a new home, there’s no denying that this can be a long, exhausting process, as well as a huge commitment. Luckily, there are no shortage of things that you can do to transform your current home and leave it feeling like somewhere entirely new!


Here are just a few of the home improvements that you can make to refresh your home and make it look as good as new.


Install A New Kitchen


We all spend plenty of time in our kitchens, whether it’s to cook, to dine or simply to gather with friends.


With that in mind, it’s easy to see how your kitchen can start to feel a little tired and boring – so why not treat yourself to a fresh new kitchen?


Installing a new kitchen is a great way to transform an area of your home that gets plenty of use, as well as bringing it up to date with the latest interior design trends and redesigning your kitchen to make it more efficient. It’s a chance to play around with everything from new colour schemes, to new kitchen tech, to adding in brand new storage space – finally, you can make room for all those countertop appliances that have been getting in the way!


Create An Open-Plan Space


Whilst homes of the past may have kept each room separate, there’s little doubt that open-plan living is the biggest interior design trend of the 21st century. If the wall separating your living room, dining area and kitchen isn’t considered a load-bearing wall, removing it is a great way to bring your home into the modern day.


Opening these spaces up will improve the overall ‘flow’ of your home and will give you more options when it comes to interior design and making the most of your space, too.


If your wall is load-bearing, you can’t remove it entirely, though you may still be able to alter it to include an open archway – another great way to open up the space.


Commission A Conversion


If you’ve been using your loft or garage as extra storage space over the years, you may just be missing out on the opportunity to add some incredibly useful extra living space.


A conversion gives you the chance to reinvent an otherwise unused room and transform it into something completely new. You could find yourself with an extra bedroom, a home gym, a home office, a studio, a playroom for the kids – the possibilities are endless. Garage and loft conversions are also a great way to add thousands of pounds worth of value to the potential resale price of your home if you are considering selling in the future, too.


On top of all else, garage and loft conversions are far more affordable than you might imagine – it’s certainly something worth looking into if it sounds like this could be a great option for you.


Add An Extension


No room to convert an old space within your home into something different? Then why not build an entirely new area onto the structure?


An extension, whether single or double storey, can be a fantastic way to get the most out of your property. A single storey extension allows for the inclusion of an extra living or dining space, a utility room or to increase the size of your kitchen. Go for a double storey extension and you have the potential to add a whole new bedroom and en-suite onto your home!


Extensions are slightly more complex than conversions, simply because they often require planning permission to be sought out. However, once you’ve got it and your extension is ready to use, we’re sure that you’ll agree that it’s more than worth it!


Invest In A Garden Room


If you don’t have the means for a conversion or extension but have a little extra space outdoors, why not invest in a garden room?


A garden room can be used for just as many different purposes as an extension or conversion, depending on the amount that you’re willing to spend and on your individual needs. They also very rarely require any sort of planning permission, as they are considered to be ‘temporary structures’ – if you decide you no longer need your garden room further down the line, they can always be removed.


Garden rooms are also a fantastic way to extend the use of your garden outside of the year’s warmest months – having that extra shelter will mean that you can still make the most of your garden during the cooler weeks of spring or the early weeks of autumn.


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