Landscaping Tips For Summer 2021

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shutterstock 1785919835

We all want to make the absolute most of our gardens over the summer, so it’s a good time to get started on a garden makeover project as we head into the height of the warmer months.


However, if you’ve never explored the world of landscaping before, it can all be a little overwhelming. How do you know where to start? What is it that’s going to breathe new life into your garden?


Here at Steve Bebb Building Services, landscaping is just one of the many services that our experienced and professional team are able to provide. Here are just a few of our tips for planning your garden makeover in 2021.


Create A Theme


Creating a theme is a great place to start, as it will keep you better informed when making further decisions about the furniture that you’d like, the landscaping style that you’d like to go for, the lighting design you’ll include and much more. It will also leave the final result looking far more tied together and co-ordinated.

There are plenty of different themes that can be used in garden design these days, some timeless and some very on-trend. If you wanted to keep things a little more traditional, a cottage-inspired garden will look beautiful for years to come and will allow for the growth of a wealth of different plants and wildflowers.

Smaller gardens can certainly be made to tie into a particular theme, too. If you have a much smaller area of grass and need to make the most of the decked or paved parts of your back garden, a Mediterranean theme can be a great way to keep things contemporary whilst turning a less natural garden into a welcoming and warm outdoor space.

Overall, having a broader theme in mind is a good place to start, as it gives you a clearer direction for how you’d like the final result to look.

Mix It Up

In the same way that art can be mixed media, gardens can be too!

Why have a garden that consists only of unbroken grass space when you could add different elements in order to keep things interest? Consider adding paths, decking, flowerbeds and even water features in order to keep things varied and give the garden a much more visually interesting look.

Whilst we could be tempted into thinking that keeping as much of the grass in our gardens as possible will make our gardens look bigger, the best way to maximise space and to create a more interesting design is to include many different elements when designing your garden. This may even be easier to keep well-maintained in the long run, too!

Get Into Gardening

It goes without saying, but there’s no point in designing and landscaping a beautiful new garden if you aren’t planning to maintain it.

Gardening is a hobby that comes with plenty to learn in order to develop your skills, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding way to spend your time – not to mention that it can be very relaxing!

Why not plan to include plants of many different kinds, including flowerbeds, shrubs and even vegetables? Some plants are a little more low-maintenance than others, too, so even if you’re new to gardening, they’ll be a range of plants suited to your skill level.

Of course, make sure you pick up the necessary gardening tools, too! It’s much easier to take good care of your plants if you have the right equipment for every job.

Create Space To Relax

Be sure to include a spot within your garden where you can take a break and enjoy your new outdoor space.

For many, this could be as simple as including a patio area with an outdoor dining set or investing in sun loungers for the part of your garden that gets the most rays during the day. However, there are plenty of ways to do this – it’s all about what suits you.

You could create a small courtyard area complete with firepit, have a pond installed with space for you to sit next to it and enjoy it or perhaps even invest in a garden room so that you can bring the outside in and enjoy your garden whatever the weather.

Select Your Landscapers Carefully

If you’re putting the look of your garden makeover into the hands of a landscaping team, you want to make sure that they’re going to do a good job!

Here at Steve Bebb Building Services, we have over 30 years experience in completing a wide range of different building and construction services across the Shropshire area – landscaping being just one of the services that we offer.

We keep the client and their needs at the core of each and every project that we do, consistently striving to complete our work to a professional standard. If you’re in the Shropshire area and are looking to have your garden landscaped, get in touch today and find out what we could do to help you.

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