Should I Convert My Loft into a Bedroom?

steve bebb2

steve bebb2

One of our most popular services is loft conversions. There is so much potential with loft space and so many different things you could do, therefore making it quite an exciting project and one that allows you to convert your unused space into something practical and that is going to be beneficial to you. One thing that a lot of people opt for with loft conversions, is having it converted into a whole new bedroom. This can provide you with all kinds of practical benefits, as well as boosting the value of your property. 

We thought we would share with you a few reasons why converting your loft into a bedroom is a good idea in case this is something you are considering.


It makes practical use of misused or neglected space

A lot of the time, lofts aren’t really used for anything other than to hoard old belongings. Generally, people won’t really go up into their loft for anything more than a few times a year. This makes it quite a neglected and misused space with no real significant purpose. Having a loft conversion allows you to turn it into something brand new that you can really reap the rewards from. If there is something in particular that you are in need of or would benefit from, such as a home office or a bedroom for example, loft conversions are the perfect solution. 


It expands your living space

Having your loft converted into a brand new bedroom essentially expands the living space within your home. It means that this becomes a part of the house that you actually use and spend time in, whereas before it would’ve been locked away and a little bit neglected. 

We all find ourselves running out of space, and converting your loft into a bedroom is a really good way to deal with this and make your living space a bit bigger, whilst providing an extra room. For example, you could be expanding your family and would therefore benefit from some extra space.


It adds value to your property

Having a modern loft conversion can add significant value to your property, especially if you have it converted into a bedroom. Straight away this takes your home from being a three bedroom house for example, to a four bedroom house. Not only this, but the modern style of the conversion is appealing to home hunters and really adds value to the property. 

The investment of converting your loft into a bedroom is really worthwhile. It instantly makes your home worth more, which in the long run could be really beneficial to you. Therefore the benefits of a loft conversion aren’t just immediate, but they are long term too. On average, conversions can increase the value of your property by up to 20%.


You can personalise it to your taste

One of the great things with converting your loft into a bedroom, is that you are essentially starting from scratch and therefore have so much freedom in terms of design. You can decide on the layout, the style and the decor of your new bedroom. There is so much variety when it comes to conversions and every one is unique.


It boosts efficiency

Something that people might not know about having your loft converted into a bedroom, is that it is actually very energy efficient. Due to the fact they are high up, you tend to get a lot of natural light. Not only does this require you to use less artificial lighting, but it can also help to make the room a bit warmer which as a result would require less central heating and therefore save on energy. Furthermore, you may also have an insulative roof to help keep the bedroom heated and warm for as long as possible. 

These are just a handful of reasons why you should consider having a loft conversion. For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about converting your loft into a bedroom, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.

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