Why You Should Choose an Extension Over Moving House

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As you start to feel as though you are running out of space in your house and decide that you need somewhere bigger, automatically the first thought people generally turn to is moving house. Whilst this might be a practical solution for some, there are in fact much more cost effective and time saving ways you can solve this problem and create more space for yourself. The biggest of these is having an extension built onto your current house. 

To some, the thought of getting an extension is quite a daunting process, however it is a much smaller job and one with minimal hassle compared to moving into an entirely new home. There are endless benefits that you probably aren’t even aware of when it comes to having an extension, and although you may not know it, this could be a lot more practical and beneficial to you than moving house. So, here are a few reasons why you should consider having an extension instead of moving!


It’s more cost effective

There is no denying that having an extension is a bit of an investment. There is a considerable amount of money that goes into it, however this is minimal compared to the money you would have to spend on getting a new mortgage along with redecorating and refurbishment costs you may encounter by moving house. Furthermore, the value this will add to your property is another reason why it is very cost effective.

Generally, the reason people will have an extension built onto their home is for more space. Therefore, spending a lot less money to make your current property bigger, instead of having to splurge on the various costs that come with moving house, makes this a much more cost effective alternative.


It saves a lot of time and is very practical

The time it takes to have an extension built will be considerably less than the process of selling your current property, searching for a new one, and buying and moving into that with potential redecorating projects you could have to take onboard. Furthermore, with an extension, you pretty much know what you want already, whereas looking for a new house will mean that you have to find somewhere that ticks all of your boxes, like for example price range, style, location and much more.


It solves the same problem without the hassle of many other things

An extension is an entirely new room built onto your house. Therefore, whatever you need extra space for can easily be achieved through having an extension, whether this is for an extra bedroom, an office, or even just for some more storage space.

The process of moving house brings a lot of stress and hassle with it. You have to take all kinds of things into consideration, such as commute options, the area it is in, how affordable it is, and whether it is practically possible for you. When you get an extension, you don’t have to worry about any of these things, as you are already settled in the right area with easy work commuting options, as well as already having the decor and layout that you like. With an extension you are just building on top of something that is already perfect for you. 


It will add value to your current property

One of the biggest advantages to having an extension is that it will actually add to the overall value of your property. It’s inevitable that at some point in your life, you will want to consider moving. Having an extension means that further down the line, you will actually be able to put your property on the market at a higher price than it would’ve originally been, and not only this, it will be more appealing to those looking to buy a property. 

A lot of the time, having an extension provides a really modern breath of fresh air to your property. It is a great chance to explore with designs and theming, so that you can create something comfortable and stylish. You will reap the rewards of having a good extension on your home in the long run. 

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