Working from Home? Get the Perfect Home Office

The pandemic has left us having to make lots of changes to our day to day lives that are still ongoing. One of the biggest changes has been the rise in the amount of people that now have to work from home. Whilst in some cases this is simply unavoidable, it can be a little bit challenging and not everybody is equipped with the right sort of working environment at home. 

Working from home is tricky sometimes, especially creating the right atmosphere to be able to stay focused and comfortable. When aiming to create the right working environment from home, there are several things that need to be considered. As we have built and designed home offices for lots of our customers, we thought we would share some tips on some of the different elements that help you to create the perfect home office. 


Peace and quiet

One of the key things you need when working from home is peace and quiet. Without peace and quiet there are too many distractions and it can become difficult to maintain focus. Working from home is very different from being in an office, as there are lots of different distractions and usually you will find there can be more noise causing disruption. 

Therefore, to create the perfect home office, you need to ensure that you have a comfortable, secluded and quiet area to block out the noise and distractions and enable you to stay focused on your work. Perhaps you could set it up in a small room, or a quiet area of the house, or you could even have a garden office so that it is completely separate and you have no distractions or noise interrupting your workflow. 


Privacy is key

No matter what your line of work is, you need privacy. Quite often you could be dealing with sensitive or private information that should not be shared with or seen by other people. In order to maintain privacy in your home office environment, you may want to consider having locks on the door, as well as perhaps specific types of blinds that provide you with good privacy control. 


Being comfortable

Although when working from home we can sometimes get a little bit too comfortable, it is important to ensure that you are working in a comfortable and practical environment. You may want to ensure that you have the right chair and desk set up so that you don’t suffer any damage to your posture, as this can lead to back problems. When working from home we can be easily tempted to just sit in bed or lounge on the couch, however this isn’t always healthy. You should ensure that you are sitting comfortably and practically each and every day when doing your work. 

Furthermore, you can decorate your home office area to create the right vibe and atmosphere to help you work. For example, you may want to design it in a way that is relaxing and peaceful, so that you maintain a strong focus on your work throughout the day.


Staying organised

Working from home can have a tendency to cause a little bit of chaos. It is a big change from working in an office, having a system and knowing where everything belongs. This organisation is something you need to put in place in your home office. You should have designated places for everything so that you know where everything is and all of your files and papers are kept neatly and well organised.


Have you considered a garden office?

Since the pandemic started and millions of people have begun working from home, some have actually preferred this to going into an office each and every day. As a result, people have been exploring options a little more in terms of what they can do to set up a real home office. Here at Steve Bebb Building Services, something that we offer is garden offices. 

Having an office built in your garden is the perfect environment, as it is separate from your home so it allows peace and quiet and privacy, however it is easily accessible and convenient. Garden offices are very practical and can really help with both concentration and comfort. This is the perfect home office, as you can essentially design it how you’d like it so that you are creating the perfect environment to work from home. 

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about designing the perfect home or garden office, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.